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Harry Houdini still fighting a Cyborg

The latest episode of The Master Mystery, that 1918 steampunk scifi film serial in which Harry Houdini squares off against an automaton with a human brain, is up now!

You can catch up with the first five (or 8, depending on how you count it) in the playlist above, or see them over on our Video Streaming site. But if silent steampunk science fiction film serials about cyborgs from the 1910s aren’t your thing (I don’t understand how that could possibly be, but to each there own) perhaps you’d be more interested in the novelization of the film? Or perhaps even an audiobook?

As much as I’ve been enjoying the films, the book might be even more fun, and the free Librivox audiobook is very well done!

However you get your Harry Houdini Cyborg Fix, know you’re in good company!

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