New Ellijay Television produces a lot of original programming, from Expedition Sasquatch to the New Ellijay News to Dark Mistresses’ Midnight Movies, with lots of stops in between. We’re interested in hosting your show too!


Our original programming covers a wide variety of topics, including news and politics, current events, comedy, science fiction, and media analysis.

Put on a Show

Expedition Sasquatch (Both Kinds!)

Dark Mistresses’ Midnight Movie

New Ellijay News

Shouting into the Void

The Hastening

Jupiter’s Ghost

Behind the Curtain


and we’re always working on new stuff, so check back often.


In addition to all of the material we produce in house, we’re also proud to redistribute a couple of shows produced across the globe. Here, you can find more information about these shows.

Working Class Music

The Observers

Rexxi The Space Cat

Obscure Appalachia


Working with our partners at the Ellijay Makerspace, we digitize public domain material, score silent films, and generally work to make archival footage more broadly available. Some of our archival footage includes:

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

Space Patrol (daily)

Space Patrol (weekly)

Rocky Jones Space Ranger

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

Captain Video

Sherlock Holmes

The Undersea Kingdom

The Master Mystery (starring Harry Houdini)

Visit our Archives page from our Video on Demand site to see all of our archive materials.


We run periodic film festivals, including our Permanent Film Festival. You can find things that have been entered in to our festivals on the Festivals channel.