About Us

New Ellijay TV was founded in 2022 in Ellijay, Georgia, USA, as a project of the Ellijay Makerspace. We make a variety of television on location in Ellijay, including documentaries, fiction, talk shows, concert films, and more. The shows we make are ones we wanted to watch but didn’t exist yet, so we started making them. Most of us don’t have any formal video production training, but we’re always learning new techniques and seeing what kind of (frequently weird, often silly) stuff we can make.

The New Ellijay TV crew comes from a variety of backgrounds, and stands in favor of diversity and inclusion. We don’t make and won’t promote harmful materials featuring regressive, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate views or content. We do welcome and encourage collaboration from just about anybody, and if you’re interested in making TV with us, drop us a line!

To learn more about why we do what we do, check out this free text on Community Media.

We’re almost entirely self funded. If you appreciate our work, please consider sponsoring us.